McCutchen Speaks. But We Ask, Can the Pirates Catch the Orioles?


Man, this Pirates season isn’t looking good.  But heh, check this out.

The Baltimore Orioles have a record of 17-44.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have a record of 23-28.

Their are some other teams fighting for worst in baseball, but the Orioles are currently in the lead.  This is important because the prize could be 3B Anthony Rendon from Rice.  The guy had a great freshman year, the best in school history,  with a line of .388/.461/.702.  Rendon followed it up with a .394/.530/.801 sophomore season.

Start clipping coupons please Mr. Nutting because this could be the number one

pick next year.

Right now you are thinking, seriously, you’re talking about next year’s draft? What a freaking moron. Yeh, I know. Simply put, the Pirates don’t have nearly the talent needed to win consisently this year. The pitching is just horrid. The veteran players inserted into the lineup are horrid. If a real first baseman was in the field last night, the Tigers score three less runs.  Three of the players in last nights lineup were hitting under .200.  The talent isn’t here.

I listened to our best talent currently on the roster last night. He had some superb words. He may need to shout them from on top of a chair because some of his teammates aren’t quite understanding what he is saying.  Andrew McCutchen, the guy with just over 162 major league games, seems pissed.

"… Learn how to keep score close….When we get guys on second with no outs we gotta get em over. Less than two outs, gotta get em in. We gotta be able to do those small things….we have to play small ball because we don’t have a lot of guys who can hit homers. We have to do those things in order to be able to score runs and win games. Andrew McCutchen"

I am not convinced that is something the Pirates can do on a consistent basis in 2010. Maybe he hated the lineup too.

But heh, remember the name Anthony Rendon as the losses pile up Pirates fans.  In these videos, you will see him taking a lot of pitches, his walk rate is over 20 percent.


In case you are into S&M, here are the video highlights from the first interleague game.  Tigers Bucs.

A phenomenal post by Vlad on the Pirates draft picks signability, he has quotes from newspapers regarding college, life changing money, great information and well researched.