Pirates Fans: Eminem Wrote a Song for Us



The Pirates are struggling headed into the All-Star break. Eminem was struggling with addiction when he wrote his [new] song Beautiful which shows some sad demolotion footage of Tiger Stadium and the depressed state of the city of Detroit.

He said the song was a reminder to keep your head up, and to see who you really are despite what you are going through. So push play and enjoy Pirates fans, we know a little bit about being down don’t we?

There are children preparing to graduate from our high schools next year who will never have seen a winning franchise. Most of us were lucky, we were able to at least see or remember the successful Pirate teams. I can still recall the championship in 1979, the great teams with Bonds, Bonilla, Van Slyke.

It will be a while until that returns, but it will return. Until then, enjoy those memories. Just like Forbes Field and Three Rivers Stadium were torn down and replaced with the best stadium in America, this team will be tore down and built with a younger, faster, better version that will one day contend. In the short term it will sting, just like the loss last night.

Just like Em’s video. Beautiful.

The Pirates will return to glory. The only question is when? Here is Neal Huntington’s take on that question.

Some of the other Detroit sites you will see in the video are, the old Packard Motorcar company and the video opens in the Beaux-Arts Central Station.

Don’t Let Em Say You Ain’t Beautiful Pittsburgh Pirates Fans.

[wanna know a secret? I wrote this post a year ago. It’s sort of easy having a Pirates blog, because the wins and losses aren’t changing yet. Perhaps next year, it will be a different story….]

Until then I will be the guy in the lucha mask, check out the video (again.)