Little Known Facts About Pedro Alvarez For Late Night With Letterman


It’s obvious Pedro Alvarez is going to rake tonight.   He is rumored to begin working with Joe Kerrigan on his slurve as soon as this afternoon.   After tonights game, we understand the David Letterman show will be calling Pedro to do his Top Ten List.

10) “To keep my focus on hitting, I sleep on a pile of Neal Huntington pictures.”

9) “That ball I hit into the Gulf of Mexico to stop the leak was hit off the handle.”

8) “I hit three of my bombs while ‘Googling Strasburg throws like a girl,’ one while asleep.”

7) “To celebrate the first homer I hit onto the Gateway Clipper, I bought the Pirates a pitching staff.  It’s called Alvarez to the fifth power.  We have some roster spots open now.”

6) “I wasn’t really good till I was two hours old.”

5) “Dumb guys think I am the best since Barry Bonds.  I am obviously more like a Babe Ruth talent, heh Kerwin let me start! ”

4) “Put your comments here by replying below……”

3) “I blew my signing bonus on Primanti’s and Neal has been busting my balls since.”

2) “Don’t even try to talk to me before a start or while I’m listening to  “Rocco.”

1) “If I would have known I’d be on Letterman, I wouldn’t have hit so many balls over the Clemente wall.”