Pirates Win! After The BALL Was OVER…We Must Have Danced All Night


The 1960 World Series Champion Pittsburgh Pirates were celebrated last night before the Pirates 6-4 victory over the Cleveland Indians.  Despite the misprinted beer steins that were given away by the Pirates to 35,000+ fans, it’s not true.  In 1960, we have proof that the Pirates beat the evil empire New York Yankees.

We were able to get a copy of the 1960 and 1961 Pirates yearbooks today.  We prove that the Pirates did indeed win the World Series.  Just check out the pictures from our new yearbooks after the jump.

We want you to know that the paragraph which is difficult to read in the first picture of the yearbook states the following:

"Father Pitt had never experienced tumult such as was set off by the 9th inning victory of the Pirates.  October Scenes such as are shown here were commonplace from Oakland to the Golden Triangle.This was more than a team victory–it was a civic triumph.  No one who was a part of it will ever forget the excitement and pleasure that came with capturing the World Series."

How do the Pirates screw up box scores from 50 years ago?  Tip of the pill box cap to RumBunter regular Chris Berexa for this photo that almost shows it clearly.  It was a good night at PNC.  Berexa texted these over the  proofreaders version of the stein:

"GM 1 is right Pirates W 6-4GM 2 is wrong, shows box 14-3 yanks then shows a final of 16-3 yanks.  (Pirates had 13 hits!)GM 3 show Pirates win 10-0 in box and then shows a loss of 10-0 in total?  (Yanks won 10-0)GM 4 total shows Pirates win 3-2, box shows NYY win 3-2  (sigh)GM 5 shows a NYY win 5-2 (which would give the Yanks the series, actually Pirates won 5-2.  sigh)GM 6 12-0 loss to NYY. 5th win?GM correct 10-9 bucs win."

Nice work by Jake on the AP’s Alan Robinson story.  This Frank Coonelly quote makes me sick….

"During a fan chat on the Pirates’ website in April (2010), Coonelly flatly denied the team was considering extensions that had been given months before.“No, there has been no talk of contract extensions, because we have a policy of not discussing such matters publicly,” Coonelly said. “Both Neal and J.R. are keenly focused on turning around the Pittsburgh Pirates and not concerned about their contract status.”"