Pedro Alvarez: Change We All Can Believe In


It’s not hard to see what all the hype is about, Pedro Alvarez has it.  From the way he works that little semi-Stargell swing of the bat into his pre-pitch routine to his blistering bat speed, he looks the part.  Last night he finished off another formality, his first major league hit was an opposite field double.

The fan that was able to snatch the ball gave it to a young fan in the stands.  The boys mother called Rocco last night. It is acts of kindness like that the Pirates could use to promote fan behavior.  Make the guy a season ticket holder.  Wouldn’t that be something positive?  Make him the spokesperson.  If you listen to the podcast at Extra Innings on the link above, the man/hero of the night said when he was young someone gave him a ball at a game.  Needless to say the boys mom was pumped.  Two autographed Pedro baseballs and an autographed Pedro bat was the trade bait  Cool, huh? 

Pedros’ humble interview with Dejan at PG is below the fold. (hit continue reading hot stuff)

Some Sunday Morning Sausage Links below:

Just wait until you see the Photoshops coming up tomorrow….God they are good.

Growing up you used to love reading your name in the paper, imagine how Pedro ‘El Toro’ Alvarez feels today when his hometown paper writes this.

Obama is too cool to do the wave.

It’s ok if you cry when you’re young, Stevie Strasburg did.