Athletics, Cahill Read Scouting Reports Then Shut Down Pirates


The Oakland A’s Trevor Cahill is on a mission.  He proved it

last night.  Again.  He struck out a career-high ten Pittsburgh Pirates.  It was his sixth straight winning decision and gives him the second longest winning streak by an A’s starting pitcher.  Remember Dan Haren?  He put together ten straight back in 2007.

Where was everybody last night?  Free Joe Rudi jerseys and nobody shows?   Here is what Rudi had to say in the San Jose Mercury News:

"Mount Davis, the enormous section of outfield seating built after the Raiders moved back to Oakland in 1995, doesn’t sit well with him. “I don’t like that monster in center field,” Rudi said. “That’s an insult to baseball, really. Oakland’s always bowed down to football here. Football’s always been the lead dog.”"

In case you need a recap, just read this very carefully:

"His sinker was working tonight,” A’s catcher Kurt Suzuki said of Cahill. “He was throwing his curve ball for a put-away pitch. He basically did everything we talked about before the game off the scouting reports.”"

There won’t be much action on here today.  Softball.  Softball.  Softball.  See you tomorrow.