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Let’s Eat! Pirates Host Meatball Pitch Off


The Pittsburgh Pirates pitching woes continue.   Despite being given more than enough chances to prove he belongs, Daniel McCutchen failed.  He was sent back to AAA. Thanks to Kurt, this is one of my favorites.

Sean Gallagher was purchased from San Diego for cash. It’s the hand we are dealt Pirates fans. The ownership isn’t going to pay for major league ready talent, but scrap heap maneuvering is readily acceptable.

But please remember, Evan Meek was such a find. You’re happy with Meek this year right?  Gallagher has some Meek in him, look it up. He is a young player with the ability to pop Doumit’s mitt, has future upside, has started and pitched in relief.  He just needs to learn how to throw strikes.  Simple. I didn’t hear the phrase ‘downward plane’ come out just yet, but Sunday’s Neal Huntington show will be here before we know it.

Here is my take. Such moves have worked in the past. It makes fiscal and baseball sense when your team lacks pitching to scour the earth to find talent.  Take a look at Gallagher’s ERA recently.  It’s quite good.  The bottom line is this:  sooner or later, if guys like Gallagher, Penn, Hart, Morton, and others truly possess the talent, it will show. We have waited this long, so until the talent appears, shut up and wait said Frank Coonelly and Bob Nutting.


Some saucy links to enjoy with your meatballs today.  Go BUCS!

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