Life Has A Funny Way Of Repeating Itself, Its Groundhog Day Pirates Fans


There ain’t no mountain we can’t climb. Heh, I got you babe.

Ok campers! Rise and …….

shine. If you haven’t seen the movie Groundhog Day, here you go.

Watch the entire movie trailer. Just do it. It’s really one of the best movies Bill Murray has ever done.

Perhaps one day we will understand everything that is happening with the Pirates.   But maybe it’s just me, and it very well could be, but man I feel like Bill Murray tonight.  In the movie, he plays a weatherman from channel nine in Pittsburgh.  He relives day after day in Punxsy, but can do nothing to change the situations that surround him.    He’s simply trapped.

In case you missed yesterday’s or today’s or tomorrow’s Pirates news, whatever.  It sucks.  Bixler is back, Alderson has been demoted, Sanchez is gone for the year.   Yeh, just like every other freaking day in our lives as Pirates fans right now.  Story at eleven.  “Can I buy you a drink?”

Can Neal Huntington do anything else to attempt to sell even less tickets for the upcomin homestand?  (Despite the upcoming paddle ball for kids giveaway)    Bob Nutting makes everyday a nightmare.   For example, of all the thousands of shortstops on this planet, it is such a puzzling feeling to know that Bixler’s back in the Pirates organization.  

Wasn’t it not that long ago that Bixler was traded for Jesus?  The fans were thrilled.   Why in the name of heaven didn’t Frank Coonelly announce the extension of Huntington and Russell on the day Bixler was sent to Cleveland?  Major gaffe.  Hell, he missed a parade opportunity.

Perhaps Bixler just represents, in a visual form,  all of the frustration the Pirates have caused the fans throughout the years.  Bixler looks like he should be a player.  He has done well in his minor league career,  but damn does he suck in the bigs.  It’s a hard game, no question, but Bixler just makes it look sooo much harder than everyone else.

Remember though Pirates fans, “don’t drive angry.”     Ok, ok, you have had enough.  Give ’em what they came here for Nikki, hit that Pennsylvania Polka!