Pirates Call Up Catcher Erik Kratz During AAA All-Star Game [Photos]


Erik Kratz got the call up to the Pittsburgh Pirates tonight.  The Bucs did a cool thing.  We blast the Pirates repeatedly when they screw up, but tonight was pure genius.  Someone figured out that calling him up during the AAA All-Star game would be a classy move.   Kratz grew up in Telford, Pennsylvania, pretty close to where the game was played.   Kratz had his family in attendance, ahh, hell its a guishy, squishy story that oozes cool.

Let’s get to the scoop.  The call came in the top of the fifth inning.


Hell, it even made ESPN.  Here it is in cased you missed it.

"They pull Erik Kratz to the side….heh Dude you just got called up to the Pittsburgh Pirates!  How cool is that!  Catcher headed to the big leagues, gets the call at the All-Star Game.  That is fabulous!"

I knew my team was hip. Cool stuff Bucs.   Video interview with Kratz from MILB.