Mark Cuban Is Giving Chuck Greenberg A Headache


Mark Cuban, the long rumored savior of the Pittsburgh Pirates, just made the eventual sale of the Texas Rangers very interesting.   Tim Cowlishaw said this:

"Throw Cuban into the mix as well. Cuban’s presence gives the lenders the belief that even if they lose the Greenberg/Ryan money and even if Jim Crane can’t get his deal together in time for the Aug. 4 auction, the Cuban money will solve all of their problems.I talked with Greenberg yesterday and he couldn’t comment on the case beyond his testimony which is to say that the Aug. 12 deadline is a real deadline for many of the investors in his group. They are sick and tired of this process as well.Greenberg and Cuban are Pittsburgh guys and they know each other and are friendly and all. I wouldn’t say Greenberg is welcoming Cuban into this process, nor should he.What does any of this mean to Rangers fans?Nothing good that I can think of. If Cuban can pull off buying the team and keeping Ryan and keeping Jon Daniels, then I am wrong and more power to him."

If I’m a Rangers fan I have to be happy as hell.  The team is doing well and people are lining up with deep pockets to buy the ball club.

The team is set to contend and has a talented minor league system to back it up.  What’s there to be sad about as a Rangers fan?  Just because Nolan Ryan wouldn’t be an owner?  Really?

The big question for Greenberg and Nolan Ryan is will their cash really run out on August 12 as the article suggests?    I don’t see that happening.

But I also don’t think Cuban wants to share ownership in anything.    So if you can’t have Nolan would you settle for Cuban?

I don’t think either owner is going to make that much of a difference.  Nolan Ryan has some pretty interesting ideas he would do as owner and I’m not convinced they make much sense.  Mark Cuban hasn’t bought a much better Mavericks team than when  Ross ‘the Boss’  Perot was in the seat a decade ago.

In my opinion Chuck Greenberg is the best baseball guy in the mix.   It would be a shame if he doesn’t get to prove it.