Pirates Score 48 Runs Over Five Games = Great Tweets


Twitter is easy. Twitter is fun. Especially when the Pittsburgh Pirates turn into an offensive powerhouse for a five game period. Do it. Sign up. Don’t let the world pass you by. All the cool kids are doing it, look….

Brian also has a nice post up over at his blog. 


@3rd Boss loves the doubles.  A great example of factual tweetering mid game.  This is especially helpful if you are stuck in Baltimore with clients and have to check the updates from the bathroom.


Of course you will have some of these, it is hilarious actually.    Of course you will get some opposite reaction too.  Like @BondsTheGoat did.


One of the funniest guys is @MercerBoy.  Check it out.


Pirate critic John Perrotto has been awful silent lately….he’s a busy guy.