Five Things You Didn’t Know About PNC Park


PNC Park is beautiful. We discovered something new about it this weekend and put together a quick list of things you weren’t aware of at the park.


So Pittsburgh Pirates fans/stalkers/creepers:  If you want to meet Pittsburgh Pirates, get yourself some kids.

"Heh, Amy, it’s your sister Lori here….. yeh, it has been a long time.  But I was thinking about my little nephew Landon and I wanted to take him to the Bucco game next Sunday……"


Heh, now you know.

3.  I want to thank the new security texting program at PNC Park.  Whoever came up with that ideas was a genius.  It has allowed people to snitch on 39 possible felons who could have done something like this at PNC Park.

4.  Don’t correct that child.  The kid got it right.

He sees dead people too.  Wait.  Just JR.  My bad.

5.  The worlds best beard growers are from Pennsylvania.  In fact, PA has the highest beard total per capita outside of the middle east.   Here is another classic:

Thanks to ThatBallsOuttaHere.