Three Quotes That Show Pirates Doumit Is In A Concussed Fog


Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit said some things that left me speechless as I was reading Rob Biertempfel’s article in the Sunday paper.  (Yeh, I bought a paper.  An actual paper. I am a tree killer.)

The first one

was this:

"“I’m surprised,”"

There are two ways to take this quote.

The first is that Doumit has lost all sense of reason after suffering his third concussion in a six-week span.  The second is that nobody in the Pirates organization took the time to tell him just how awful his play has been as a catcher this season.  For a player to be surprised about the organization bringing in his replacement tells me that communication is still at an all time low.

Let’s not for a minute think players realize they suck.

The second quote was this:

"“As far as another catcher coming in,I’m all for improving the team.  But selfishly, I think I’m an every-day player.  I expect to play, and I want to play every day.”"

Doumit expects to play.  That’s a problem.   Somewhere along the career path, Doumit has taken, he has been able to make sure he gets as much rope as possible by working so hard on his craft.  It’s simply not enough any longer though Ryan.

And finally the kicker:

"“I’m pretty confident in my abilities.  And there are 29 other teams out there, so I’m not worried about it.”"

Yeh, Ryan the 29 other teams are just dying to acquire you right now.  Nice.

Doumit in the month of May and June:

CHRIS SNYDER in June and July: