Can The Pirates Get Hanrahan His Slipknot? STAT


Joel Hanrahan is the new ‘dual’ closer for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He has made it known thanks to some work from Raise The Jolly Roger that he likes Slipknot.  

Hanrahan said it again last night to Dejan at PG+. 

Slipknot is a tremendous group from Iowa that has went through some struggles since band member Paul Gray passed away.   Actually ‘from Iowa’ is misleading to Pirates fans, the group apparently lives near Hanrahan.  (We can’t be sure if it’s near the Field of Dreams.) 

It’s obvious Hanrahan isn’t thrilled about AC/DC.  So how hard is it to get your closer his music?  Come on.  Sure, we understand.  You are probably so pissed that Dotel headed to the West Coast esentially taking his infamous entrance music with him.  But let it go guys.  It hurt nobody harder than it did me.  We worked that video for weeks.  But I too had to move along.  It can be done.

So let’s kill the AC/DC and turn up the boys from Iowa.  God it will be great.  Mothers all over PNC Park will be jacked.

So just for you right now, slide that office door shut quick, pull on your favorite Lucha mask, and turn up the volume.

This is the last video before Paul’s death, it has an ironic title, damn, I love this band.  Keep rocking gentlemen.  RIP Paul.