Where Is Big Ben Roethlisberger Headed While Suspended From The NFL?


Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be suspended from the NFL this season.  That’s not a secret.  But where he is going during his suspension and what he will be doing has been kept silent.

Until  Ken Laird sent some dynamic tweets out today from Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp.  But this was the first I have seen Big Ben

comment on the subject.  Here are the tweets in case you missed them:

A couple of things stand out for me.

"‘You guys will hear about it.’"

[What’s that mean, he’s headed to an exotic island?]

"‘It won’t be for the attention.’"

[Big Ben doesn’t do much for attention.  Bars.  WWE.  Shaq.  But the offensive line did look good behind him on Monday Night Raw.]

"‘….to get better.’"

[So help me with the word better.    Does it mean better in football?  Does it mean kick the booze better?  Or something else entirely like becoming an MMA fighter for a month?]

Buckle up Steelers fans, if Ben Roethlisberger decides he is going to take care of his body, get in even better shape, how in the world will defenses stop him?  He has carved up the NFL with little regard for his health during  his career.

He is just talented.    But now as he enters his prime, he started working out six days a week, he looks like an Adonis, goes complete practices without being picked off, is watching tape-yeh that’s new, and he is going to improve?    He is going to get better as he says?   The guy who has better numbers than Montana is going to improve?

Holy shit it’s a good day today.

UPDATE 1252pm 5August from the Tunch and Wolf show:

"“I have some ideas and thoughts about what I want to do.  I want to stay around football.”"

Ben made it sound like he wants to workout with a football team.