Pedro Alvarez Has Never Looked So Good


Pedro Alvarez has Pirates fans pumped up today.  When a Pirates player that has been talked about for so long delivers in such a big way, it’s a big deal in Pittsburgh.  Alvarez hit a no doubt three-run walkoff rocket to beat the Colorado Rockies with a lot of people cheering for him.

Alvarez had his family in the stands.  His fiancee

was in the stands.  The other 38,000+ in attedance left PNC Park last night believing that maybe, just maybe, there could be an end to the losing in the near future.  An end to all of the bad jokes, the t-shirts proclaiming Pittsburgh as City of Champions…..and the Pirates.

An end to being the laughingstock of the league.

It takes time, but that was special.

Alvarez is Superman.  The Man of Steel.


It will be the call of the year.  It’s impossible not to smile.  You should watch this at least five times today.  Steve Blass is a riot when he says, “oh my God.”   Before you start ripping these guys, imagine watching this much losing.  I’m thrilled they reacted as they did.