Sorry Brandon Phillips, You Look Like The Bitch


Pay attention Pittsburgh Pirates. If you want someone to call you out, pray that it is Brandon Phillips.

Even though Phillips is a Pirates killer, tonight he didn’t  have the heat to back up his big mouth after calling the Cards some bad names.  Then backing off the comments later.  Then when confronted at the plate, he pulled a Houdini act.

If you hate the Cardinals as much you say you do Brandon Phillips,  the opportunity to prove it to the Reds Nation was put on a silver plater this evening.  The helmet removal was a great start, but the follow through, well….not so much.

And letting your stud pitcher Chris Carpenter be man raped?  So bitch like.

Cardinals win the game 8-4.    Good Lord, your mouth needs to be filled with something.  What could it be?

Well one would guess that in your opinion that it is better to talk tough than to never have talked at all.

We hate the Cards too.  We also hate you.  We hate the Reds.  We hate Pete Rose.  Johnny Bench. Hell,  Johnny Cueto and his fence tatooed ass too.    Johnny insert name here….oops sorry.  Got carried away.

Video of the entire seven minute Brandon Phillips vanishing act and Scott Rolen man raping of Chirs Carpenter is over at Babes.