Powerless Pittsburgh Pirates PhotoShops



It was a sleeper in San Diego.  Jeff Karstens brings a pile of fans to see him be a stud yet again (3.10ERA in last five) for the Pirates, but the Bucs bats can’t support his strong outing going one for eight with runners in scoring position.

The most exciting thing from last night was the pictures of the team at the Navy Seal obstacle course.  We can’t confirm what the pep talk was about, but it obviously had little carry over to the field for the Pirates.  Video from MLBincludes LaRoche talking about playing first base.

But fear not Pirates fans,Scott Miller says brighter days are ahead.

Kurt keeps cranking cool ass photoshops:

This one is sweet too.


Rudy Owens pitched well again last night.  This story talks about his refusal to listen to coaching early in his career.  The big question we have on Owens is how many more innings is he going to be allowed to pitch.  Seriously.  He could easily get 50+ more innings, which will put him well over, perhaps even 60 more innnings than last season.  Does it seem dangerous to you?

Jeff Banister is the new bench coach.  No word on the other open coaching positions.