Is Jameson Taillon Being Cybersquatted?


So I went to checkout some pics of Jameson Taillon this morning.   We saw a couple of the normal shots, we had seen those, but we always try and get the readers a different look.  OHHH, there it was….a gleaming link to, now this is going to be awesome to share with everyone I thought.

While I was dreaming about all of the stories that would be on the site, the pictures, all the good information that Pittsburgh Pirates fan could enjoy, something hit me like a Pedro blast….

Taillon had listed his team as the Pittsburgh Pirates,  I was pumped.  I re-read it just to be certain.

Holy shit.

But just as quickly as the joy came it disappeared.  After reading most of the very brief home page, we started to scroll down and saw this:

"You can contact the web administrator of this site at: jamesontaillon@gmail.comDisclaimer: I am not Jameson Taillon. I am not claiming to be Jameson Taillon.     – Please do not ask for an autograph or personal information. You will be disappointed.     – I will sign your baseball equipment and it will lose value."

A disclaimer.   Unreal.  We sent an email over to the presumably fakejamesontaillon and will keep you posted.