Happy Friday The 13th Pirates Fans


Good morning Pirates fans. Just your friendly blogger here from Mom’s basement. The hyena smell is in the air. Our team is the worst in Major League baseball. 75 losses. Whew.

By the look on your face we can tell you like the photoshop. So, are you prepared for the onslaught? We warned you. Get that vacation planned, you don’t have much time. It’s coming.

You could pray for a few wins in Texas. We certainly are. Personally, we sacrificed a hyena last night. Obviously you know why. The heat is about to hit town.

You thought the 17th consecutive years losing streak coverage sucked? This week EPSN and the super powers are travel planning for the Pittsburgh Pirates story, let’s call it “18.”

It will all be puked on our heads one more time. Remember all the “17” stories? Well, I was thinking about the current situation. It looks much different this year. To us.

But to an outsider…., same old same old.

Think about this factoid. Our star CF is hitting about .279 and his OPS is lingering with the average, the mundane of the league. The one player that saved face for the Pirates last season is teetering on a sophomore slump. Why do you think it is?

We think Cutch is hurt. Someone in the Pirates front office needs to make a call. But why in the world would that happen? The front office is still jacked that Cutch didn’t wanna tango last season. If RumBunter was the agent for Cutch, we all agreed that we sit our bread winner down. But it’s not easy to tell a stud he is going to be rested.

The twitter followers said the same in a drove of direct messages. @JoshuaHaupt said it best on twitter. Dig it up. Cutch isn’t the same player since he took the tumble. Then the skid on the ravaged turf combined with those crashes into the wall certainly didn’t help matters either.

The more he tries to play through the nagging injuries, the more the production falls, the more the production falls, the more the value of the next contract falls. But obviously Cutch is a ballplayer. An unselfish one at that, but we say it’s time for someone to intervene. We’d like to see him play center a long time in Pittsburgh.

You really think the Bucs want to sign Cutch to big contract coming off a record year? Hell no. This offseason is shaping up to be a superb time for the Bucs to chase Cutch on a contract extension.  But they should be very careul.  Luckily they did the right thing last year when the FO approached him after a terrific rookie season.

But as I have often heard, it takes two to tango. If Cutch wasn’t interested in signing a long term deal last year, there is very little reason to believe Cutch would want to negotiate this off season if these production numbers continue.

One thing that will help the upcoming Pirates onslaught of press coverage surrounding “18”, Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie will be signed by the time the record is set.

It’s very good timing in that regard. Throw in Luis Heredia and the stories could actually have a few positive paragraphs.

As for me, well the sun is coming up, I have to climb out of the basement, hide the carcass, and say some chants for a few wins in Texas. Can’t have the neighbors talking. GoBucs!