Draft Update: Pirates Sound Confident On Taillon and Allie


The Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington wouldn’t comment specifically either way today, so left with nothing to judge but his tone of voice, it certainly sounds highly likely the Pirates will have good news tomorrow. He danced all around the topic of the top draft picks Stetson Allie and Jameson Taillon signing contracts. He didn’t have a choice. It’s the game.

Huntington is in Houston with Greg Smith which is convenient as The Hendricks brothers, who represent both Allie and Taillon, have their office in the city.

We listened to the complete NH show and judged from the tone and excitement in his voice when discussing each of the talented high school pitchers, he, along with the entire Pittsburgh Pirates fan base would be extremely disappointed if both players don’t sign on the line that is dotted.

Huntington even made an attempt at some negotiation tactics when he said that having the third pick in next year’s draft is a nice alternative if the opportunity cost of Taillon got too high. Nice work big fella. I love it.

Pirates fans might not like it, but Huntington has to play the game. Everyone in America, South America, and parts of most third world countries realize the Pirates are a really bad baseball club.

The rules of the draft certainly help professional baseball. But Huntington did a nice job of passing out credit. “College baseball does an excellent job recruiting against professional baseball.”

The Pirates desprately need Taillon. It’s the risk that Huntington is selling. He did a great job on his show today at appearing not to be an excited freshman at the Sr. Prom.

Greg Smith was also noncomital, but had the best comment of the day/night when he ended his interview with John Wehner by saying: “Should be a good day tomorrow night.”

It says here the Bucs got both of ’em.
Stetson Allie has a big league heater. That’s what everyone talks about, but…

We forgot to mention Stetson Allie hits bombs too…