Paul McCartney Is Really Dead


If you’re into music

then you must have clicked through. The Pittsburgh Pirates lost last night, but Ross Ohlendorf looked tough once again.  Some good news from the Pirates is that the new business team met their goals for the year.  Way early.   It wasn’t a sandbag goal like your sales number this year either.

We’ve tried to give you the intel that the Pirates sales team is keeping the team rolling at PNC Park this year.  All of these millions have rolled into the organization in spite of some awful gaffes throughout the season.

How?  Work ethic.

But as much as I would like to give you an analysis of how much these new sales benefit the ballclub, this baseball fan is headed to Ozzfest today.

Years ago, I introduced a young girl to the sounds of the 80’s.   It’s been an addiction for her ever since.  It’s my personal belief that the addiction is because of the guy on the Sunset Strip billboard above.  He wrote most of these songs on the setlist tonight:

If you want to check out the show, send me a tweet and if the Pirates are winning, I might send you a shot of the metal god Halford, the Prince of Darkness Ozz, and his Sixxness. 

If not, enjoy the Paul McCartney show, even though Paul really is dead

From this pic it looks like Nikki enjoyed the imposter last night.