The Pirates Financial Statements Hit The Inboxes Of America



You always wanted to be in the baseball business?  Well, have it.  Deadspin has 28 pages of the 2007 and 2008 financial statements.

Follow this link to the 2009 quarterly financial statement for quarter ended July 31 which shows the slowing of top line revenue for the Pirates.  But the thing that stands out for me is while the top line slowed, the expenses didn’t.   

The Mariners, Angels, Marlins and Rays are also on Deadspin.  It’s amazing the amount of broadcasting revenue a team like Seattle can land, the Pirates are no sloch either rivaling the Angels numbers.

Maury at The Biz of Baseball also took a much more detailed look at the reports as well and will have more analysis coming in the next few days.   Follow that link as each of the financial documents are broken down in much more detail. 

Check it all out, and please stop talking about concessions revenues, well unless you are the Marlins.  What the hell is that?

Wonder how Bud Selig is feeling today?