Taillon, Allie Sit; Harper A Hit In Batting Practice And Booth


Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie made it to State College.  The two top picks won’t be playing until the Instructional Leagues, but the players will be doing

some side work and getting used to the grind of the minor leagues riding busses, telling jokes, and such.   Call it job shadowing if you will.  The Bucs get a little hat tip from Team RumBunter.  I like the idea.   That would be something cool for a team to do for a marketing giveaway.

"“Like Jameson, I’d love to throw some innings, but also like Jameson, I haven’t thrown in a game since the spring,” said Allie. “I understand the program they have us on.”—-Stetson Allie"

Meanwhile, Bryce Harper was a monster in batting practice.  In that video link, just put up with the Ray Knight in the booth, the BP highlights are spread throughout.  Good stuff, especially when Harper says… 

"“I think I am starting tomorrow with the Nationals……”  Bryce Harper"

Harper mentions he will be going to instructs as well.   However, there will be no bus riding for The Next Lebron in the immediate future.