Pirates Charlie Morton Back On The Bump After Extended Time On Disabled List



Pittsburgh Pirates RHP Charlie Morton makes his return to the mound today against the Milwaukee Brewers. You can almost smell it. 

Morton has done many things well in his life: He can write emotional songs. He apparently has an upcoming album, Storm Inside. And he writes a killer blog about picking up his dog Bailey’s poop.  Today, he hopes he can return to pitching well and for the Pirates future sucess, it is absolutely imperative for Morton to regain some apparition of his 2009 performance.   

Fangraphs ran an interesting story on Morton back in May.  The story said not to give up on Morton because if you look closely you will notice what many Pirates fans already knew, Morton really struggles with men on base.

After the article was written, Morton would throw 12 more innings over three games.  He allowed 20 hits, 15 earned runs, five homers, and six walks.   The opponents were the Phillies, Braves, and Reds.  Some seriously talented lineups for certain, but he was a mess, I trust you didn’t grab Morton for your fantasy team.

In one outing against the Brewers this season, he allowed six hits, six earned runs and walked three.  And that was at PNC Park.

Did he get better in AAA?  We will see today.  The Pirates need Morton in a big, big way.  Perhaps the Pirates fans need Morton even more.  Let’s see your electric stuff today Morton!


Nice to see Kurkjian is really doing nice work.  Have you heard of Jose Tabata?