Nyjer Morgan Brawls Marlins And Vintage Tony Plush Melee. VIDEO


Many Pirates fans have said that the recent behavior by Washington Nationals CF Nyjer Morgan seems strange.  There is no question Tony Plush was a popular player for the Pirates, but take a look at the video below of Morgan charging the mound against the Marlins

and ask yourself a serious question.  Does this look familiar?

Morgan has been the center of controversy for several days now.  In the video link below he comes to the aid of teammate Ryan Doumit. He gets pretty hot and is kicked out of the game.  Here is the link.

There is no question the guy is passionate. He plays the game hard. But he looks like a time bomb right now.

He is facing a suspension for throwing a ball at a fan in Philly.  His manager held him out of a game for fear of retribution after hitting a catcher.  He has ran over the Marlins catcher last night, injuring him, which caused the most recent incident that caused him to be hit with a clothesline that would rival anything you see in the WWE.  Today another video surfaced of Morgan jawing at a Marlins fan.

Did the Pirates factor this into his trade to Washington?   Hell, who knows, but as this saga continues, the more I love that deal.

Fortunately for Morgan he is headed to Pittsburgh this weekend where surely nobody will give him a hard time, right?

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