Nyjer Goes Nuclear For Nats. [Photoshop]


Nyjer Morgan.  What else can we say?  The Washington Nationals thought they had their CF of the future heading into 2010.  We can’t say if those feelings have changed

for the Nats brass, but certainly some question marks are firmly in place for Washington after having witnessed Morgan the past few weeks…

We remembered Morgan as a leadoff hitter who was having a career year when he was sent to the Nats.  Many questioned the move by Neal Huntington.  Now it appears those traits that Morgan had exhibited to diehard Pirates fans–a leadoff hitter who failed to reach base enough, a hot head, and a player that drove fans nuts by oversliding bases is still showing those traits.

But it was never as big as this.  Major League Baseball has noticed.  The Nats have noticed and have dropped him down in the order.  Morgan hasn’t sniffed the production he once did in the past.

And now he is the highlight reel of baseball for many of his actions, most of which are having little to do with helping his team win.  Especially the video of Morgan on YouTube, which has been taken down by MLB due to copyright enfringement, that shows him swearing at a Marlins fan.

Is he simply a fireplug with a short fuse or is he a talented speed demon that could be the fire starter for the Nationals?   Time will tell.


We have some photoshops for you to enjoy because we are out of town.  We couldn’t leave you hanging this holiday so we put some PS work together Thursday before the caravan pulled out.  Team RumBunter is at the PA State Championship Softball Championships.  We have the mothership on auto-pilot in case we actually have to work hard to win games and can’t get back to the computer.

Happy holiday.  Be safe.  More photoshop work all through the weekend.  Thanks for stopping by and drink a coldie for us.