Legion of Doom: Baseball Prospectus Kisses The Pirates Goodbye…Quickly



John Perrotto and his team at Baseball Prospectus formed an alliance that would make the Legion of Doom shiver for the year end wrap up for your Pittsburgh Pirates.   They joined ranks with Buster Olney, and ESPN Insider to say goodbye to all 30 teams.

As described on the BP site:  ”Our Insiders break down what went wrong, what went right and what to look forward to.”

I know you’re just dying to read it

but it’s all pay walled at ESPN Insider, via a link on the Baseball Prospectus’ site.   Maybe I’m just confused or perhaps it was well played by Perrotto?    Heh, all those years with Nutting taught him something about making a buck.  Curious if BP gets a cut on my new Insider membership.

"Rumor Central: 2011 options Possible targets: GM Neal Huntington gained some credibility with the trade that brought in McDonald from the Dodgers for Octavio Dotel. If the Pirates do make any major moves, it will likely be for more pitching. They could go for a middle-tier free agent such as Kevin Millwood to eat up innings. They might seek a bargain with a Brad Penny for Erik Bedard, whose value is down due to injury. The word is that the Pirates no longer view Jones as an everyday player, so they will look for a right-handed first baseman or a right fielder. Austin Kearns, unlikely to return to the Yankees, could be a fit."

Bryan Morris is discussed by Kevin Goldstein in the organizational future portion of the article which is about 140 words.  But all in all it’s a rather upbeat look at the Pirates future–in a hurried maybe… two good paragraphs….so  if you’re not an Insider you’re missing absolutely nothing with this disappointing  season recap.

We would call it a kiss on the cheek, not a kiss goodbye.  For readers like you and me…. a kiss goodbye takes a while, this trash didn’t.

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