Pirates Streak Closer To Rays Record With Mind Freak Morton Victory


The Pittsburgh Pirates are trying to do what only the 2006 Tampa Bay Rays have done before: Post a winning home record while losing 100 games. We say it’s a Charlie Morton Mind Freak. Perhaps, the 2010 Pirates will be the San Diego Padres next season. The Friars finished 2009 strong and are now in the thick of the pennant race.

Wait…did I just say that. Charlie Morton keeps messing with my mind. Sorry.

The Bucs are looking to sweep the Cardinals today who have lost 25 of 37 since Aug. 14 – which was also the last time they led the NL Central.

Morton picked up the win, his first victory in four and a half months. Morton relied on his fastballs, a two and four seamer, but he added a drop off the table breaking ball which kept the disinterested Cards off balance.  Morton had five k’s on the night, but can someone tell Ronny Cedeno it’s electric stuff?

"“He’s got great stuff, great stuff, I think he’s the best pitcher we’ve got with that stuff. Now we’ve got to keep it going.”—Ronny Cedeno"

Cards starter Kyle Lohse was in full mind freak after the game.

"“Nothing against those guys, but it’s a team I’ve had good success against, to go out there and perform like that is really frustrating.”—Kyle Lohse"

Ugh…Kyle.  Most of those players are gone.