Pirates Pedro Alvarez is Jason Voorhees



Pittsburgh Pirates third baseman Pedro Alvarez is Jason.  I’m convinced.  Alvarez is ripping pitchers just like Jason tore teenagers to pieces at Camp Crystal Lake.  He has gone 21-for his last-45.   With Halloween still a few weeks away, it’s enough to make me wonder how well Alvarez could hit if he kept playing deep into October.

He showed his superhuman strength again last night with another laser bomb homerun in the Pirates victory over the Florida Marlins.

In case you haven’t noticed, the Pittsburgh Pirates youngsters have taken over the club.  Look at the most important stat, major league success, over the past two months.  Many people say that very little can be gained from September baseball.  In the case of the Pirates, I disagree.

The month of August was a struggle with six straight road losses to the Padres and Astros, but dig a little deeper.

The Pirates have won 17 of their past 37.  Check out the one run losses.  I can see some hope.  Finally.

I can one day see Pedro chasing pitchers from the mound in October.   Cue the music.