The Littlefield Method


The Pittsburgh Pirates blogs always have quality content.  Last week, we got a note from our partners at Pittsburgh Sports Tavern.  It was too painful  fun to pass up….

One quick side note:  Did you know that John Van Benschoten currently holds the all-time major league record for highest career ERA with at least 75 innings pitched?


Hey Tom,

I had an idea going through my head based on a thread over at The Pittsburgh Sports Tavern. I basically put up a thread about Tim Williams over at Pirates Prospects releasing a 2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects book by the end of the year. So we got to laughing about what a Dave Littlefield prospect book would look like and joked it would be nothing more than a pamphlet. Then I got a visual of what be on the front and back cover of it. All of those Pirates prospects drafted by Littlefield. Figured it would be a good idea for a Rum Bunter photoshop. I was gonna do it but not sure if I have the time to pour in some good quality.



If you are curious about David Littlefield, he is alive and well.