World Series For Ryan, Greenberg, Rangers; Hunting Season For Yanks And Perrotto


The Texas Rangers are in the World Series.  It was a great night in Texas.  The Rangers destroyed the Yankees.

New York had the highest payroll in MLB and got crushed in the ALCS.  It’s time to get the camo out fellas.  David Wells shooting arrows in the postgame with Cal Ripken in a camo hat was hilarious.

Speaking of buck season, today was the first day and look what my franchise got!


Brian Cashman was rocking a Spring Training hat. What. Is. Happening.

God we miss the playoffs in Pittsburgh.  We don’t care if you didn’t watch last night, just let us tell you, the Pirates must get back to the playoffs again.  No question.

The look of intensity on Ron Washington’s face and all of the Rangers players was something we miss in Pittsburgh.   The Rangers made it to the party for the first time.

Pittsburgh is spoiled.  When we get to the party, we win it.  If the Rangers lose, holy shit Texas is gonna need Prozac until the Cowboys get back to training camp.  Can you see Jerry Jones rocking a Training Camp hat?  Texas is on the verge my friends.


Holy shit.  Could Texas become a baseball state?  They might have to, huh?

Everyone was feeling good on Twitter for Chuck Greenberg.  The local Pittsburgh businessman had his night.  The man who outworked Mark Cuban to gain ownership of the Rangers was on cloud nine.  Greenberg was on the stage and uttered something like “let’s do it every year Rangers fans.”  Cool stuff.  Don’t mess with Texas.

But heh, someone had to piss on the parity party.  It might as well be me.  Sorry.  I just can’t imagine Bob Nutting every raising the trophy as Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg did last night.

Neither could John Perrotto:

You know what?  I disagree with John Perrotto.  But Perrotto tweets what he feels.  I can’t hate the guy for that.  Hell, I have never even met him.  He has a negative attitude about the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Who cares?   Certainly not me.

Back to the point…I don’t think Nutting is an owner that feels the need to “raise the trophy.”  Most of you think he won’t have to worry about that show of strength, but it’s a sobering thought that Perrotto tweeted.   We can’t call it a prediction, more like a declaration by Perotto.

But we simply can’t imagine the Pirates not winning again.  Maybe I should just stop here.  God I hope Perrotto’s wrong, because we will surely all be dead by 2110.  If only the Pirates can play hard enough to prove him wrong and we can live long enough to run this article full page in the Beaver County Times.

Wait……, there won’t be newspapers then, hell there won’t be newspapers in five years who the hell are we kidding?

Congrats Rangers fans.    We feaking hate you.  Kinda.


Don’t quit on the Pirates.  Poor little Tink Tink….


Nolan Ryan threw the first pitch 80 mph.  Heh, where is Kyle?