Pirates Still Haven’t Found What They Are Looking For?


The Pittsburgh Pirates managerial search came to a screaching halt this weekend.  It was obvious the Pirates wanted to get a jumpstart on interviewing candidates with so many managerial positions open in Major League Baseball this offseason.  It was a smart move.

When candidates came to town, the PR department made certain all names were known to the public.  The job appeared to be hot.

Why wouldn’t it?    There are only so many manager positions in MLB.

But now that it’s obvious that most of the candidates that have been interviewed aren’t going to get the position, each of them are taking different options.  The most interesting to me was the move by the mad windmiller Dale Sveum.

Dale Sveum is a genius. He took a job as the Milwaukee Brewers hitting coach last week.  The Brewers don’t have a manager.

So Sveum’s job with the Brewers could get erased when the Brewers new skipper stolls into town.  Sveum could party for two years….It’s curious that the Brewers would agree to this deal and we can only hope the new manager can’t stand Sveum and tells him to skip town. A win for Sveum. A win for the Bucs.  Spend that payroll Brew Crew.

Likely? No. But we can dream right?

Sveum is well respected in Milwaukee in a similar way that Jeff Banister has garnered the respect of the Pittsburgh front office.  He’s a safety blanket.

We entirely understand what John Gibbons, staying as KC bench coach, and Sveum are doing.  A man has to get a job.  It’s obvious the Bucs aren’t interested in them. What is interesting is that the Pirates didn’t think of the outcome of starting a search for a new manager so quickly.   It’s also very professional that the Bucs didn’t just bring in these men for a second interview to simply buy time.

One thing is crystal clear to us.  We have no problem with the Pirates taking their time.  We simply trust it’s because the candidates didn’t interview well and not because Eric Wedge headed to Seattle.    Surely the Pirates had a back up plan if such an incident occured right?

On this occassion, the Pirates might actually catch a break.

Send in the next one Susie!

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