Tony Sanchez Sucks At Committment


I wonder why Tony Sanchez wanted to mess around in the world of blogging.  It is obvious he isn’t comitted to it.   But he did work up a solid excuse:

"“Hey guys, sorry about the delay in between posts but since the guys and I moved into our house in Scottsdale, the internet has been anything but reliable. We would have like a 30 minute window of solid connection to check our Facebooks and as many of you know, 30 minutes isn’t enough time to check your newsfeed let alone write a blog entry.”—Tony Sanchez in his second, of two, blog posts"

Two posts Tony?  Two?

If Sanchez couldn’t write, or wasn’t interesting, we wouldn’t care.  But the guy can write.  His first post on October 11 was a classic tease.

Big Bats. Big Arms.  It was very well written.  It left us wanting more.  He told us about how bad he wanted to be back on the field.  How hungry, literally, he had become.

"“Its been almost four months since I’ve played in a game with any meaning and let me tell you, four months feels like four years. Taking a 95 mph heater to the jaw is not very pleasing and having to spoon feed myself blended Chef Boyardee isn’t something I’d wish on my worst enemy.”  Tony Sanchez"

But then Sanchez left all of us hanging for five days before his next post.  It had an awful title:  Sorry About The Length, But Have Lots To Share.   But the post included some more great content.  But since then, Sanchez has vanished.  I guess that internet really sucks in Scottsdale, Arizona.   

Keep playing ball Tony and knock em dead Saturday.  We will keep writing the bad blog posts.  And for God sakes eat something!


MLB is promoting its’ AFL Rising Stars game with this :14 second promotion?  Come on.  Rising Stars Game video promo from

Is it any wonder the ratings are going down?