Pirates Crack CTP Top 100 Prospects List


The Pirates are rebuilding their farm system.  The lower minors are stockpiled with prospects, especially pitchers,  that have been paid handsomely in the draft.  Pirates fans are playing the waiting game.  Over the next few weeks numerous publications will be issuing their rankings of the top prospects.

Over at the Fansided site Call To The Pen, Mr. Nathaniel Stoltz is a guru of knowledge.  He has been writing about baseball for years, including being  ranked #1 in the MLB writers section at Bleacher Report.  He came to the darksided/FanSided to debut our San Diego Padres site, Chicken Friars.  Nathaniel does plenty of extensive research on every team, and has a working knowledge of over 2,000 players.  In addition to his work for FanSided and Bleacher Report, he’s also written statistical analysis columns over on OaklandClubhouse.com.  

So yeh, he’s a writin mofo and you will be reading his work for years to come.  Just remember who turned you onto him.  Mr. Stoltz put a few Pirates on his list so we thought you should check out all of his hard work.

We pulled a few of the top 100 Pirates from the lists he has compiled.  If you are thinking the Pirates are working on some trades this hot stove season, you might want to brush up on the players on his lists.

the rest of the details about prospects ranked 100-91  are available here.

the rest of the details on the players ranked 90 to 81 are available here.

As we move down the list the name Bryan Morris has moved up into the top 75 in Stoltz’ list.

the rest of the Morris details and the rest of the prospects are available here.