Baseball Prospectus Top 11



Kevin Goldstein has mentioned on Twitter that he has been working on his Pittsburgh Pirates top eleven prospects lists since last week.  He has put some serious work into his post over at Baseball Prospectus.  He named two ‘five star prospects’ in  Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie at number one, two.

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Luis Heredia is at three along with another ‘four-star prospect’ Tony Sanchez.   His next tier are three star prospects with Rudy Owens at five, Bryan Morris at six, Starling Marte is seven, Jeff Locke got eighth, and Diego Moreno is ninth.

Rounding out his top eleven are ‘two-star’ prospects Colton Cain and Zack Von Rosenberg.

On Taillon he wrote:  He had a few clunker starts during the spring when he lost his release point and control.  He mentions he has an outside chance of getting to the majors in 2013?

He states that Morris will join Owens in the Indianapolis rotation, and the two will battle for in-season callup opportunities.  Goldstein says Moreno has an outside shot at 2011.

Overall, it’s an interesting look at the system as always, but if you’re a die hard no surprises will be found especially if you read Pirates Prospects or Bucs Prospects.