Pirates Linked To Jon Garland


We were checking out a lot of the work Jesse Behr has been logging at Baseball


We caught his Analyze This post today.   Behr suggests that the Pittsburgh Pirates could attempt to sign Jon Garland this winter.

Garland has pitched 600.2 innings in the past three seasons.  For his eleven year career, Garland has averaged 208 IP per season.  Talk about a workhorse.  Could he be heading for a breakdown soon or is this exactly the pitcher the Bucs need to eat some innings?  We are a leary of Garland’s long term durability and one key factor of his production.

Garland is a big-time groundball pitcher and the Padres played excellent defense behind him.  As you know, that would not be the case in Pittsburgh as the defense is one of the worst (see below.)  The Bucs defense could deter Garland from even considering an offer from the Pirates.

Behr didn’t like the Pirates to pursue Jorge De La Rosa.

Here are some other teams Behr suggests could take a look at Garland.