VIDEO: Pirates Manager Candidates Banister And Hurdle Are Step Brothers


The Pittsburgh Pirates final two managerial candidates are apparently closer than any Pirates fans realized. We aren’t talking about in the race for the job as Pirates manager, but in real life.  In the shocking video obtained by RumBunter, we have learned that Jeff Banister and Clint Hurdle are apparently step brothers.

Over the past month, the Pirates have held an exhaustive search for a new manager for the franchise.  In the video, it appears Banister and Hurdle interviewed with the following Pirates associates:

Pam Nelson Minteer is the Senior Director of Human Resources for the Pirates.  The interview gets off to a rough start for Banny and Hurdle when each of them seem to have a dilemma with pronouncing Pams’ name during her relentless questioning.

The Chairman of the Board of the Pittsburgh Pirates is Mr. Bob Nutting.    The second interview in the video appears to be held in  Mr. Nutting’s office.  Please be advised there is some uncomfortable language that is not  appropriate for children during the interview with Mr. Nutting.

And finally, Neal Huntington, the Senior

Vice President and General Manager  offers the Pirates managerial  job to both Banister and Hurdle in the conclusion of the video.

The much cooler actual video is coming soon with the real Banny and Clint rather than these unknown actors.  Be patient as the video is far from Hollywood quality and takes a little bit to load.


The Pirates managerial position became available when John Russell was fired by the Pirates last month.

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This could be one of the upcoming new Pirates videos by the RumBunter team.  Stay posted for more news on updated Pirates Hopper videos and more.  For a peek at the Andrew McCutchen Bad Things Man, Bad Things video or This Man Is Garrett Jones videos just click here.  Or just go back to work.  You decide.

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