Sherman Believes Hurdle Is Second Choice For Mets, More Rumors


In the laws of attraction a few things are believed to be true.  One person (Buccos) sort of like someone else (Hurdle.)  All of a sudden, another person likes them too (those home wrecking Mets.)  It’s believed  that the more somebody else (NY sluts) likes the person (Hurdle), those same feelings of attraction grow more for the one person (Buccos) because of someone else (sluts) wanting them more.

Damn this attraction shit is confusing.  Clint Hurdle knows what he is doing in using those sluts as his bargaining chip.  We can only trust, our Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t buying into his game.  NY Post and Yankee beat writer Joel Sherman thinks the Mets manager job is Terry Collins’ job to lose.  Son of a


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Sherman put this quote in his blog to back up his belief on Collins.

"“He is loud, outgoing and smart. Other managers will have a better feel for the game, but if you are in a rebuilding culture, he is great because this guy never has a bad day. This is a positive, positive man. His self-worth is not tied to the job. He has a good perspective on life and he is authentically a good person. He is full of energy every day. Over the long haul that could wear on you, but – really – this guy is positive.”   NY Mets executive"

He never had a bad day?  Clint Hurdle?

We can’t confirm if this Mets executive is still employed with the Mets today.


Remember this quoteand statement from Dejan:

"All of Russell’s coaches were told they were “free to pursue other opportunities” Monday morning by Huntington, but Huntington added that some will be considered for the staff of the new manager or other positions within the organization if they choose to apply. Huntington said the new manager will be involved in choosing his staff."

Tick.  Tick.  Tick.  We can only pray that Hurdle and Banister have made some calls to line up some new staff.  A new team of coaches would certainly bring some measured level of excitement to the players and some improved teaching methods.


Did you ever read something and start scratching your head right away? It happened to us when reading some information John Perrotto shared with us in his Inside Pittsburgh piece.

Jeremy Bonderman is one of the younger arms available, but his arm seems to be getting old fast.  Nothing proves that more than velocity and Vlad hits it on the head, as he always does, about the fastball velocity of Bonderman over the past five years falling from 93+ to 89+. 

The Pirates are staring at those 171 innings pitched and one would think if they can get him signed before the winter meetings, which would be a miracle, they are going to jump on it.  The price tag will be the key and we have doubts Bonderman is interested in getting anything done too quickly.

The Bucs are probably just kicking tires on Bonderman, doing their due diligence, but it just reminds us as being the opposite of what the Red Sox just did in acquiring Andrew Miller.   Check out Joey’s story as he has an ass kicking 2006 draft chart, yeh, that was the year the Bucs grabbed Brad Lincoln two picks ahead of Miller.

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If only the Pirates had the players that Major League teams are interested in, they could land a high upside player, that has been just an awful disappointment like Miller.

He still throws hard and might just need someone to fix his head–maybe the Bucs brass think they don’t have the pitching coach to do that?

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