Coonelly Talks Lincoln, Morton, Ohlendorf


Pirates President Frank Coonelly was on 93.7 The FAN this morning.  He discussed some of the Pirates starting pitching disappointment in 2010 and how he anticipates a few of these players to come back in 2011.  Starting pitchers Brad Lincoln, Charlie Morton and Ross Ohlendorf were the big topics and Coonelly seemed very confident that these right handers could rebound in 2011.

Is it wishful

thinking, guarded optimism or ignorance for Frank to think he didn’t get shit out of his pitching in 2010, but 2011 will be magically different?

Ohlendorf is the closest to a sure thing in that group for us.  Ohlendorf can  be an average back end of the rotation pitcher.  If, like any ML hurler, injuries don’t start piling up.

Until Lincoln adds a solid change and can locate his fastball, we believe he still has some work and being pushed into the bigs in 2010 was a blunder.  However, it might have taken getting rocked by big league bats for a talented player like Lincoln to understand that he needs more development.  We hope he has spent his offseason wisely.

Charlie Morton?  Morton is a mind freak that has the ability to be much better than both Lincoln or Ohlendorf, but…well you know.  He keeps hardcore Pirates fans up at night.

Our attempt at a recap:

Coonelly mentioned Brad Lincoln recovering from Tommy John and then struggling in his first crack in MLB.  Something that happens to young pitchers or to the effect of Brad wasn’t the first this has happened to in the bigs.

Coonelly said that Charlie Morton finished the season well and continues to pitch strong in winter ball.  Ohlendorf and his lack of run support was also discussed on the show.