Pirates Meeting Today To Begin To Fix Rotation


Numerous sources are saying the Pittsburgh Pirates are meeting today with Jorge de la Rosa’s agents in Orlando.  They want and will receive some serious cash for their client.  The Rockies are rumored to not be interested in going beyond three years on a new deal.    Not to worry, with such a demand for pitching, there will be some team that will overpay the hard throwing left hander.  Let’s just trust that it isn’t the Pirates.

Would the Pirates want to roll the dice and offer four years in a desperate move for starting pitching for 2011?  The move scares the hell

out of us.  Pat at WHYGAVS takes a strong look at the lefty in this piece.

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Can’t get enough about the former scrap heap pitcher that can melt down quicker than the Pirates opposition stole second base last year?  Jesse Behr of Baseball Prospectus calls him arguably the second best free agent pitcher on the market.

He relies on his 92-93 mph fastball, a slider that that sits around 85, and a changeup that he threw more in 2010 than he ever has.   There seems to be only two sides in the de la Rosa story–scared shitless or iffy hope.  We are in the scared shitless camp, but a bigger offer will come de la Rosa’s way and it will make everyone breath a sigh of relief in Pirates land.  Well, most everyone anyway.

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