No More Brandon Moss


The Philadelphia Phillies are looking for a replacement for their slugging OF Jayson Werth should he leave in free agency which looks like all but a done deal. So they invited Brandon Moss to camp? Interesting.

My favorite pictures and post regarding Moss was his walkoff against the Brewers

Brandon Moss hit the first walkoff homerun of his life yesterday. He saved it for a great occassion as the Pirates took two of three from the Brewers at PNC Park.

Moss was on Rocco DeMaro’s post game show today. He said he is going to hit at least 15 homeruns for his grandfather.

And the Rumbunter exclusively horrible video and pictures follow from the Pirates thrilling 8-7 victory at PNC Park yesterday. I figure bad pictures and bad video are better than bad words anyday.

mvi_0781 Rumbunter Video of the call over the PNC scoreboard system.

mvi_0779 Rumbunter Video of The Pirates Celebration at home plate. (Luis Cruz works over the body of the hero Moss)

mvi_0780 The Brewers walking off with their jerseys firmly tucked.

In case you missed the Brandon Moss Headline, here is the video again

OH yeh, 1B LaRoche was traded for the best defensive shortstop in our minor league system. “Argenis Diaz is an elite defensive shortstop, and if he improves his concentration on routine plays, he could compete for a gold glove in the bigs right now. He has plus range, excellent footing, an impressive glove, and an outstanding arm. Makes impossible plays in the field. However, he does make a lot of errors on off-the-mark long throws off of grounders that he has no business getting to in the first place. He also really struggles with routine plays on occasion, almost as if he has a mental block. That is a definite area in need of improvement. The other key for Diaz is how much he will hit. He’s a slap hitter with below average to average on base ability and without much power, but he’s swung the bat very well during a few prolonged stints here and there. Good bat speed through the zone. Struggles with advanced off-speed stuff. Can show lack of plate discipline in stretches. Hits lefties significantly better than righties. Excellent at laying down bunts. Won’t steal a lot of bases. DiazSox Prospect Link


One of the best, no scratch that, the best part of the Pittsburgh Pirates Brandon Moss era was his mention in the video below. Moss hit well in AAA this season ripping 22 homers, but a late season call up was filled with sporadic and uninspiring play. Good luck in Philadelphia.

Looking forward to seeing Justin at That Balls Outta Here write this one up.