Peter Gammons Calls Pirates Fans Short Sighted


It’s been a while since the Pirates were given a few paragraphs in an article by Peter Gammons.   But while we were traveling the country this week, we spotted Gammons metioning this about the Pirates:

"By mid-2013, Pittsburgh’s Pedro Alvarez and Andrew McCutchen could well be stars of different kinds, Tony Sanchez could be a front-line defensive catcher and, if all goes well, the Pirates will be starting to see the fruits of their search for power arms, as opposed to the mediocre pitchers they selected at the top of the Drafts in the past decade."

Also last night Tim at Pirates Prospects pinged out an interesting tweet from Gammons on a comment from an agent about the Pirates being big spenders/players early in free agency.  It all sounds like good news to Pirates fans this morning. 

There is little

question Alvarez and McCutchen are headed for stardom.  Gammons stayed in the middle of the road and said “could well be?”  Seriously?  Step up and make a call big fella.

It’s happening.  Can it all happen by 2013?  That’s reasonable.  We believe it could be as soon as midseason 2012.  The big question mark for the Pirates though is will there be enough talent on the mound for it to matter?

In the meantime, it appears the Pirates are going to sign some free agent arms.  If Huntington can strike gold as he did in 2010 with the bullpen, it could actually be enjoyable next season.  It certainly can’t get any worse.  But this is the first I have heard the my beloved team the Pirates and the words ‘offering big’ in a sentence since I can remember.

Meanwhile the waiting game is on for the talented young arms in the Bucs system to mature.   And it can’t happen fast enough.

Now about the name calling Mr. Gammons, obviously you don’t check out the Pirates blogs do you?  In fact, I can’t recall more than five people being unhappy about the Pirates signing the talented arms of Taillon and Allie.  Next time you are going to write about the Bucs, check around a little bit first, because you aren’t going to find many people upset with the Pirates draft.

In the old days, we might just have to get in a name calling contest with your old ass.   But where would that get us other than killing a little more time until our stud pitchers arrive.

"The Pirates are right near the top, and Huntington chose to go above slot on a number of high school arms in 2010, which will not appease their short-sighted followers (or luxury-taxed big markets, who do not see the wisdom in putting revenues aside for when the team is good and can try to tie up players without arbitration for five or six years). — Peter Gammons"

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