Pirates Cut Million Dollar Arm

The Indian ahem…flamethrower Dinesh Patel has been told by the Pittsburgh Pirates to hit the highway according to a Baseball America report.   Happy Thanksgiving Thursday fella.  (Hat tip to @SDCain)

Patel had only thrown a javelin prior until he participated in the reality show ‘Million Dollar Arm.’  On the show, Dinesh took second place.  In a better display of the sheer volume of participants– Dinesh was better than 36,998 other pitchers–topping out at 87 miles per hour.  Only Rinku Singh threw harder among all of the contestants.  Singh is still in the Pirates farm system.

But in the real show, American baseball, Patel flamed out this season.  He didn’t fare well as he allowed 14 hits in 7.1 innings.  Although Patel struck out seven batters, he walked three, hit a batter and allowed a homer.

In the video below, please listen to ESPN grill the lads about their lack of baseball knowledge.  The video recaps the reality show winners try to earn a shot in baseball.  But the questions early in the video rubbed me the wrong way.   Do you know who Babe Ruth is?  Do you know who Jackie Robinson is?  ….  it’s all ridiculous.  I wonder what the writer was thinking?   How can we make these guys look like ass clowns?  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised, after all it is ESPN.

Good luck Patel, you got to live a dream.  Many people can only fantasize about getting paid to play baseball.  You did it.  We hope this doesn’t mean Patel must join the Indian Army now, that seems to be a duty assignment that nobody would be envious of at the moment.

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