Pirates Takeover Christmas: Charlie Brown Edition


We saw how the WWE tookover Christmas with some snappy Photoshop work in their holiday mag. It inspired us to adapt some of the movies you will see on your flatscreen this holiday season to Pirates baseball moments that deliver the same meaning, but with more





The Story:  A guy shows the true meaning of Christmas to his materialistic friends.

The Message:  Humilty often brings about true happiness.

Pittsburgh Pirates Equivalent:  Neil Walker battled through injuries in his minor league career unable to ever deliver on the lofty aspirations of being a first round draft pick.  He fights through playing for a perennial loser of a baseball organization to deliver his first homerun as a pro.  It was a bomb that landed in the eye of a Cubs fan.  A two run blast in the eighth inning of a game that put the Pirates ahead for good.  A dream come true.  In his hometown.  And the humble Walker did it all with a sweet mustache.    Here’s the MLB video:

Clipped from: mlb.mlb.com (share this clip)

And a clip from SeaShell who was at the game…

And a closeup of Walkers’ sweet stache in the locker room recaping the moment after the game: