Pittsburgh Pirates Takeover Christmas


We saw how the WWE tookover Christmas with some snappy Photoshop work in their holiday mag. It inspired us to adapt some of the movies you will see on your big flatscreen this holiday season to Pirates baseball moments that deliver the same meaning, but with more heartbreak passion.


The Story:  Kid really wants a BB gun, so he bitches about it until Santa comes through for him.

The Meaning:  Sometimes everybody really does get what they want.

Pittsburgh Pirates Equivalant:  Manager John Russell is fired.  Pirates fans didn’t specifically want Clint Hurdle, most wanted us to be able to photoshop Andy Van Slyke into the poster for a perfect Christmas story.  But hell we are just glad someone took the job.   We knew Hurdle would be liked, but to see just how many Pittsburgh followers actually were positive about him was eye opening. Maybe it’s been too long since the manager was audible to the masses.  Hell, even Ron Cook likes this guy.

Clipped from: www.theonion.com (share this clip)

More Christmas posters coming soon including Rudolph, A Christmas Carol (sorry Bob Nutting), and of course A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Enjoy Thanksgiving you baseball addict!