Excited About Matt Diaz Pirates Fans? The Cult Icon Could Be Philly Bound


Matt Diaz is the latest name popping up in the Pittsburgh Pirates quest for a right handed bat.

On the surface it would appear that Diaz would be a nice fit even though he will turn 33 in March.  He hit over .300 three times during his five years with the Braves and crushed lefties to the tune of 29 homers and a .335 average.  That’s perfect for the Bucs, right?  Not so fast.

Clipped from: www.philly.com (share this clip)

If you read that link it sheds some light on just where Diaz could be headed now that the Braves have cut him loose.  Bob Brookover mentions that Diaz has a great relationship with Charlie Manuel and even lives near the skipper of the Phillies in Winter Haven, Florida.  Yeh, great news, huh?

So how would Diaz look in black and gold?  The projection numbers from Bill James   aren’t off the charts as he predicts Diaz will see 115 more plate appearances next season.   James has Diaz down for ten homers, 21 doubles and a pair of triples with an OPS of 795.  He also predicts the isolated slugging number that had been climbing for Diaz–175 in 2009 and 188 in 2010, will come back down to 162.

So let’s say Diaz heads to that armpit part of Pennsylvania where bloggers  are machines, fans enjoy being tased/tripped/or acting out S&M fantasies on the  outfield grass because apparently winning all the time is just too damn boring.   Where does that live win starved Pirates fans?  Right.  Losing out on another talented player.  Got it.

Pay him boys.

Stay tuned Pirates fans, the next few days are going to   BETTER be interesting.   


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