Zach Duke Interview: I Owe The Pirates A Complete Game Shutout


Former Pittsburgh Pirate Zach Duke sounds like a

pretty happy man in this interview.  The new Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zach Duke talks about his strong 2005 season and the expectations placed on him.

"“I’m pretty bummed that I could never duplicate that, have a 1.8 ERA…my wife is telling me it will happen again.   Yeh…there were expectations placed on me but maybe I wasn’t ready to deal with it back then…” —-Zach Duke"

The interviewee tries to pull Duke into the have you looked at the schedule to see when are you gonna face the Pirates…, but Duke doesn’t bite.

Well, not right away anyway…listen at 6:16 for the jokes from Duke and his text to Ray Searage.

We have two words of advice.  Someone should remind Duke that every team gets an All-Star.  And the second thing is, texts about a complete game shutout would mean a little more if he wouldn’t have struggled to just make it past the sixth inning so often last season that the Pirates gave up on him.

But we get the joke Duke, good luck.


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