Pittsburgh Pirates Bringing Back Cities For 2011 Winter Caravan


The Pirates Caravan will be adding back cities for the 2011 roadtrip. Why do we think that’s cool and why in the hell should you care?

It’s important for a few reasons.  But we still think there is work to do with the Caravan.  We always wondered what the Buccos think of the whole endeavor.  It has to be a considerable amount of work and difficult to measure the return on their investment.    Surely the Pirates players aren’t thrilled with some of the accomodations, the travel and such, but the impact on the fanbase is tremendous.  How else do you explain it?

And in a town which has some very innovative marketing coming from the Penguins, it’s something they really must do.

Obviously downsizing the Caravan from four groups in 2009 to two groups in 2010 was ridiculous.  The three groups this year seem to be a well thought out trip, unless of course you’re in one of the cities that still hasn’t been added back to the mix.  The people of Erie will surely be thrilled to have the Pirates back.  Last year the dreaded Cleveland Indians invaded for God’s sake.  

This years Caravan has changed.  The team also added a few private events to the schedule.  We gotta guess it is truly a sales and marketing effort now.  That’s cool.  We are gonna steal some of this concept where we work.

Private events likely would be for season ticket holders, not much other information is available on them.  Each group returns to Pittsburgh for a concluding reception at the Roberto Clemente Museum before heading to PirateFest.  Other private events will be held in Ebensburg, Dick’s in Smithton, AGH, and Seven Springs which last year was open to the public and very well attended. 

The details for PirateFest are available by clicking here and heading to Pirates.com.  It will be Saturday 29Jan from 10am to 8pm and 30Jan from Noon to 5pm.  We hope to be on site for the event.

So why the hell do we care?

We want to see the team win again.  To win it will take cash and it’s out there in the cities the Caravan is headed to see.  I trust the Bucs can get it.

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