Lyle Overbay Signs With Pirates, Reunited With Leyva


The Pittsburgh Pirates signed 1B Lyle Overbay to a one-year deal.

To us, this looks like Garrett Jones will definently move to the outfield.  GFJ is a better option than Ryan Doumit.  (You knew that)  So we would presume it will be GFJ and Caveman in right field.   Overbay has been a pretty healthy player throughout his career, very solid with the glove and will upgrade the defense at 1B.

We don’t see why there is a mad rush to trade Ryan Doumit?  It doesn’t seem to be the right time.   The deal will likely cost us cash in picking up some of his contract.  Why not hang on to him, because if you read your baseball cards right, from 2006 to 2009 Doumit has got out to a rather quick start from March to May.    My opinion is don’t  force a deal just to save some pennies.

Here are the updates we have on Overbay thanks to these tweets from Jesse.  The guy knows we are on the road.  What a nice assist.   See you later.   We are on our way to the Verizon Center.

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